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Who we are


Who is behind more InterNokiWorks:

InterNokiWorks is that several years ago as a name coined names is added to 1 whole.

Inter is derived from Internet.

Noki is the name of the person and

Works is because it's not the person also makes works.

Tyger  07-20-2006 <> 05-07-2021

Noki has always been engaged in repair of computers and get more reputation at that time he wanted to have any name and that was INW.

Behind InterNokiWorks are Jacky and Noki, we are both handy with our hands and we are real animals friends.

 Safira born at 06-14-2010

We got to know each other until later under certain circumstances, we hit it off right away between us.

Noki had itself been a cat that came in house, and then we still have two sisters retrieved from someone and still a young pussy with it.

Dana born at 06-14-2010

All together we form our family.


Mickey born at 07-13-2012


Minouska born at 05-20-2019




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